Bridger Photonics
2310 University Way, Bldg. 4-4 | Bozeman, MT 59715 | 406-585-2774


Bridger Photonics is a world leader in Precision LADAR, Precision LIDAR, and Advanced Imaging.

We offer the highest resolution LADAR and length measurement systems in the world for both industrial metrology and security/defense customers.  Our compact, high-energy, mid-infrared lasers enable precise tissue ablation and remote gas sensing for biomedical and environmental monitoring customers.  Our advanced imaging capabilities are at the forefront of existing technology and include 3D LADAR Imaging, Synthetic Aperture LADAR (SAL), Holographic Aperture LADAR (HAL), Compressive Sensing, Feature Specific Imaging, Object Classification and Identification, and MEMS Adjustable Focus Mirrors.

Spanish Peaks viewed from Bozeman, MT
SLM Series Absolute Distance Measurement System
3D Image of Bridger Facility with SLM Series
3D Image of Truck with SLM Series
Bridger Mountains viewed from Bozeman, MT
MIR Series Compact High-Energy Mid-Infrared Laser
Spectroscopy of CO2 With MIR Series Laser
MFC Series Adjustable Focus Mirror with Driver


11/05/2015 - Bridger Opens New EE Position

Bridger opens a new position for an Electrical Engineer more >

05/19/2015 - (Now Closed) Bridger opens EE position

Bridger opens a new position for an Electrical Engineer more >

05/18/2015 - Bridger CEO participates in photonics industry panel

Bridger CEO Dr. Pete Roos joins other local photonics industry leaders on a business panel. more >